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Our main service is the “Live-In Caregiver” According to us, what people need most is the consecutive care.
And we also think that a happy family depends on long term relationships too.We have Caregivers too.
They are the perfect choice if you need someone to help you only for 20-25 hours a week. On a regular basis, we organize training courses for all our workers.

Onemorehand was the first in Italy to specialize in live-in caregivers.

We have fully qualified babysitter who will take care of your children, whether they are with them for a couple of hours a day or 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Onemorehand baysitter are covered by a propriety damage and bodily injuries insurance policy.

The housekeeper is someone who works for a family in their private home.
The housekeeper is a versatile person who will take care of different job in the house. We can also offer: selected or accredited worker
for domestic staff management, night-care assistance at home or in hospital, Medicaid transportation, gardener, Estates, House or Mansion keeper, doorman, dog sitter and driver.

Onemorehand housekeeper are covered by a propriety damage and bodily injuries insurance policy.

Onemorehand: our mission

caregivers in MaltaWe want to guarantee happiness and serenity to the family because we believe that our society’s future begins there.

In Onemorehand we think of family as an old big tree.

Elderly people are the “roots”, with their old values and historical memory, they represent the foundation that will point the trunk toward a correct and supportable development.

This is the reason why Onemorehand specialized in live-in caregivers: professionals who are essential to ensure your family happiness.

Then we have branches (Children) and trunk (Adult).

For them, we select and train qualified baby-sitter and housekeeper.

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